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Meet Sona

Your intelligent home monitoring companion.
Life happens. Sona is there, when you can’t be.

Protect what
matters most

Your family and your home are some of the most personal and intimate details of your life. Something as important as their security shouldn’t be left to chance. Sona offers a wide range of advanced technology features to meet your security needs.

Less worrying, more living.

What if someone breaks in? What are the children doing? What was that noise?

With Sona monitoring your home you can worry less and live more. With 1080p HD video streaming, Night Vision, activity alerts, GoVideo app and magnetic stand, Sona keeps an eye on what matters most.


Setup is simple.

Just plug in the power cord, download the app and you are instantly recording. Sona can be set up on either an Android or iOS device.

Security within reach.

With the GoVideo app, footage can be accessed from anywhere in the world on any number of devices such as phones, laptops, tablets, desktop computers, etc.

Advanced Features

Smart Technology that gives you full control.


Smart Cloud Sync

Sona syncs to the cloud and syncs to your life.

Sona automatically and instantly uploads video to the cloud rather than to a memory card. This huge advantage allows you to view footage even in the event that your camera is stolen. Smart Cloud Sync guarantees that you will have access to video footage anytime, anywhere there is internet access.



Highlights events so review is a breeze.

Spotlight highlights situations when there is motion or sound. This will
prevent you from having to painstakingly review every single minute of video looking for a particular segment of film.


Smart Sensors

Catch what’s important, ignore what’s not.

GoVideo Cam is able to ignore general background noise. However, the device will alert you if it hears a noise that is atypical such as a crash or other important noises such as your baby, etc.



Share moments with the people who matter.

If there is a moment that you wish to capture forever such as one involving your child or your pet, you can save it in the form of a clip and share it in various formats such as email, Facebook, YouTube or Twitter.



Customize your security with a specific focus.

Highlight the areas that you are most concerned about so that you can get alerts when there is activity in those areas.


Talk & Listen

Listen and be heard through your GoVideo camera.

Talk to whoever is in the room and listen to what is being said with Sona’s innovative talk and listen feature.

Make Sona a part of the family.