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Small Camera, Superior Advantage

The GoVideo Cam provides an incredible layer of protection
for your home and family.

Meet GoVideo


Ready. Set. GoVideo.

The GoVideo setup has been designed to be easy, fast and convenient for our users

The GoVideo Cam will require just a matter of a minute to set up. All you have to do is plug in the power cord and then download the app. You will be able to easily set it up from either your Android or iOS device.

The Govideo device may be placed anywhere. The stand for Govideo has been created to be flexible and to work on all different types of floor surfaces and in types of homes.

It can be screwed into the wall, placed on a flat surface or attached to a standard tripod or mount.

Video History

The challenge with the majority of cameras is that they save only a small amount of video such as a few days. However, in many situations, you may need video from further back. The GoVideo camera offers superior options because it saves video to the cloud rather than to a memory card. The enormous advantage to this alternate saving methodology is that it allows you to view the footage even in the event that your camera is stolen. Your GoVideo Cam continuously records 10 or 30 days of footage.

More GoVideo Features

Alert History

One of the most advantageous features of the GoVideo is the Alert Summary.

GoVideo Aware has the capacity to highlight those situations when there is motion or sound.

This will preclude you from having to painstakingly review every single minute of video looking for a particularly segment of film.


Advanced Features

The new GoVideo Cam provides a magnetic stand, enhanced activity alerts, Night Vision, 1080p HD video streaming and other features which help monitor the important aspects of your home and family.


smartSensorIcon  Smart Sensors

GoVideo Cam is able to ignore general background noise. However, the device will provide you with alerts if it hears a noise that is atypical such as a crash or other important noise such as a baby, etc.


clipsIcon Clips

If there is a moment or activity that you wish to forever capture such as one involving your child or your pet, you can save it in the form of a clip and share it in various formats such as email, Facebook, YouTube or Twitter.


activityZonesIcon Activity Zones

Highlight the areas that you are most concerned about so that you can get alerts when there is activity in those areas.

Ready for peace of mind? Bring GoVideo home today.

Easy Setup

The setup for the GoVideo Cam is incredibly easy and quick.

The installation takes only a minute. You need only plug it in and then perform the setup from your phone.

The GoVideo Cam is very flexible as the stand will work in many different kinds of homes and surfaces.