What Are Smart Homes?

For the last several  years we have experienced a boom on the internet of things around us. We have smart TVs that can connect to the internet and stream any program we want. Smart watches that receive notifications, pictures and can connect you to the world at any moment. Smart glasses can now snap pictures or video and post it online within seconds; because of this revolution we are approaching a more connected era with a better quality of life. The same smartwatches can now detect your health and help improve it. Wearables collect data to make technology advance faster each day. So it is not a surprise that we start to also find those items coming to our homes and making our life easier. Those items make our houses Smart Homes. Here are the reasons that these technological advancements are improving our quality of life.



Have you ever seen movies about the future where everything on your house is controlled by your voice? This future might be almost here. The technology of voice assistant bots has been in our lives for a couple of years already. We have Siri, the iPhone assistant that is famous for her programmed sarcastic sense of humor. Cortana is Windows’ assistant, and is the most used bot nowadays. But soon, those services are going to connect with all the other devices you have. Last year iPhone introduced the home app, where you can connect all of your smart devices and create commands that will make your life easier. And the company that has more potential for that is Amazon with their bot, Alexa who is designed to be a home assistant robot. By connecting all the devices to Alexa you can perform thousands of commands that control those. This technology should be mastered by the end of this year and will make a huge impact on our lives.



Although smart homes have started some time ago, the myriad of companies that have produced them helped us to get great variety of needs fulfilled, but at the same time connecting them together has become harder. With technologies that can connect those together and make them work together will change the landscape of this industry and will help improve the synergy of them inside the home. For example, you can know in one dashboard why your stove is on by taking a look at your internal camera, you can also keep contact with your family as you are alway by having smart cameras that have microphone and speakers, being able to communicate at any time from your phone, and any other combination of things that add smart technologies together.



Sometimes is as simple as turning your lights off when you walk off your house, or locking the doors. But smart home devices are here to make great improvements in our lives. You can monitor your home 24/7 for any emergencies, and make sure grandma is doing good. By having her smart watch connected to the internet you can know about her health and keep your mind at ease. You can check who is knocking at your door with just a touch of a button and open the door without leaving your room, or even turn on your car during winter before you leave your home so it’s warm when you start driving. This technology is already within our reach and most of them are affordable.



Like any other disruption, there are downsides, but they can be resolved with some research. The biggest concern rising is the data collection and how that is a privacy issue. To resolve this concern, many companies are opting out of data collection. For example, here at GoVideo, our company does not have access to your account, and we cannot see what your camera is recording or streaming. This security feature is there to make sure you are safe within your privacy.


What is your favorite piece of technology for smart homes? How Have you seen it improving your lives? What are other issues you might see with this? We have a team that is ready to answer any questions you have, contact us now to stay informed about our product.

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