5 Ways to secure your home

1. Install a home security system.

One way to limit the chance of a break in at your home is to simply install some home security cameras. It doesn’t need to be some elaborate system. A few cameras in and around your home should do the trick. If someone tries to break in, but notices a camera by your front door, it is more than likely they will think twice about going forward.

2. Keep your outdoor lights on.

If you’re going to be leaving your house for more than a couple hours at night, it would be a good idea to leave your outdoor lights on. If you’re going on vacation then set a timer for your lights, so they come on every night for a certain period of time. Burglars who see lights on at your house will think that there may be someone home.

3. Don’t broadcast on social media when you’re going out of town.

It’s no lie that social media has become large part in today’s world. People post on social media multiple times a day and let the whole world know the details of their lives. It could be difficult, but try not to tell all your followers you are going out of town. You may not know your followers as well as you think and it could result in your home being broke in to.

4. Use a wooden dowel to keep sliding doors or windows from being pried open.

Putting a dowel or bar in your window or door seal could prevent intruders from getting into your home. You can simply buy one at your local home store or make one yourself. Either way, the chance of someone entering your home will be unlikely. It is an easy way to keep those you don’t know out.


5. Get to know your neighbors.

Taking the time to bake some cookies or have a conversation with your neighbor could keep your home safe. The more you know your neighbors, the more you can trust them. If you go on vacation you can rely on them to keep an eye you house while you’re gone. It will you give you a peace of mind while you’re enjoying your getaway.

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